Police Department


The dedicated team at the Belton Police Department is committed to safeguarding the well-being of every resident in the City of Belton. Beyond the traditional role of law enforcement, the department proudly manages dispatch services for Animal Control, Emergency Management Agency, Fire Department, and, of course, the Police Department.

In their relentless pursuit of public safety, the team works collaboratively to reduce crime, create safe environments, and enhance the overall quality of life for all citizens. Their reach extends beyond just the police department, encompassing various vital services. From handling Animal Control matters to coordinating Emergency Management responses and supporting the Fire Department, the Belton Police Department serves as a comprehensive hub for community protection.

Moreover, the department plays a crucial role in the justice system by housing inmates sentenced by the City of Belton Municipal Court, as well as those from external law enforcement agencies. This multifaceted approach ensures that the Belton Police Department not only responds to incidents but actively contributes to the prevention and resolution of issues, making Belton a safer place for everyone.

At the Belton Police Department, their mission goes beyond enforcing laws – they strive to build trust, foster collaboration, and create a secure environment where every citizen can thrive. Join the Belton Police Department on their journey to uphold the values of safety, justice, and community well-being.


2023 State of The City Public Safety Goals and Accomplishments