Public Arts Commission

Meetings: Monthly on the third Tuesday

Location: City Hall Annex
520 Main St.
Belton, MO 64012 

Staff Contact

Mike Ekey
Assistant City Manager of Economic Development and Community Engagement


The Public Arts Commission is a committee appointed by the Mayor with approval from the City Council. It is comprised of individuals within the city who have interest in or a tie to public art assets. This commission is created to enrich the lives of residents and visitors by integrating art, create a sense of place, to develop a more vibrant cultural scene, create stronger social networks, build community cohesion and price, and to the ensure Belton become a more desirable city in which to live.


Allison Sharp - Term expires 1/9/2025
Carol Shutt - Term expires 1/9/2025
Melonie White - Term expires 1/9/2025
Karen Berger - Term expires 1/9/2026
Courtney Crutcher-Staton - Term expires 1/9/2026
Dawn Elmore-Fricke - Term expires 1/9/2026
Joe Warren - Permanent
Mike Ekey - Permanent
Councilmember liaison - Chris Richardson

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