Mayor & City Council Members

Belton became a Charter City on Nov. 25, 2008. The City Council, elected by the citizens, performs the legislative duties of the city. The Mayor, also elected by the citizens, is a voting member of the City Council and retains veto power. The Mayor and Council set the policies of the City, which are implemented by the City Manager who carries out the day-to-day administrative duties for the city.
The Mayor is elected at-large for a four-year term. Two City Councilmembers are elected from each of the four wards for staggered three-year terms. All city elections are non-partisan.

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Mayor Norman K Larkey, Sr.     Phone Email Term Expiration
108 S Scott Ave 816-985-8696 April 2025
Ward 1 Councilmembers    
Patty Johnson
Phone  Email Term Expiration
16404 Rebecca Lane 816-806-3669 April 2027
Alex McCallum     
16909 Meadow Creek Circle 816-775-0775 April 2025
Ward 2 Councilmembers    
Carla Davidson
Phone  Email Term Expiration
401 Tanner Drive 816-686-0598 April 2027
James Pryan, Mayor Pro Tem    
1007 Red Court 816-888-4468 April 2025
Ward 3 Councilmembers     
Allyson Lawson  Phone  Email Term Expiration
115 Mill St  913-940-6851  April 2027
Chris Richardson    
704 Main St 816-585-5730   April 2025
Ward 4 Councilmembers    
Wanda Thompson Phone   Email Term Expiration   
1100 Main St 816-599-1840 April 2027
Bret White     
608 Mallory Dr 816-589-3660 April 2025


All addresses listed are Belton, MO 64012