Business License Applications and Information


There are different types of license applications for different types of businesses.  For license renewal, please use the same applications. A license application must accompany a renewal payment.  Applications and additional paperwork (as applicable) are required each year.

Please submit all documents along with fee and additional paperwork to the Deputy City Clerk. Click here for information on paying your Business License fee online.

Questions about licensing or applications? Please contact the Deputy City Clerk at 816-331-4331 or

*Landlords, please use the Landlord Business License Application below
**Mobile Vendors, please use the Mobile Vendor Business License Application below

Additional Resources
If you have any questions about these additional resources, please contact the Deputy City Clerk at 816-331-4331 or  

  • Retail businesses are required to submit with their Business License Application a statement from the Missouri Department of Revenue indicating the business has "no tax due." Use this link to log into your MoDOR account and download a No Tax Due statement. 
  • The Missouri Secretary of State Corporations Unit requires all domestic and out-of-state business entities doing business in Missouri to be registered with the MoSOS. This includes corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, close corporations, and others. Use this link to register your company or print a Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Authority Business entities required to register with the MoSOS are required to submit with a NEW Business License Application either a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificate of Authority. This is not required for RENEWAL Business License Applications.
  • Workers' Compensation Affidavit of Exemption(PDF, 117KB)
    Contractors in the construction industry who are exempt from the requirements of the Missouri Workers' Compensation Law are required to provide with their General Business License Application either a signed Affidavit or a signed statement provided on page 2 of the Application.