A City Business License is required to conduct business in Belton. The Business License application and additional paperwork can be emailed (, mailed, or dropped off at City Hall Annex, 520 Main Street, Belton.

Business License Applications and information
Liquor License Applications and information

Renewal and Expiration of existing licenses

5/21/2024 UPDATE - Current business licenses expire June 30, 2024. City licenses have an expiration date printed on them. Staff is actively working on a new online license processing system. Unfortunately, there have been delays in its launch that will impact the June 30, 2024, renewal period. Businesses with an active business license on June 30, 2024, will have their license period automatically extended to January 1, 2025, with no penalty.* The six-month extension will automatically be applied with no additional action needed from business owners.** Current business license holders will be notified of this extension.

As January 1, 2025, approaches, information will be sent out regarding the online platform, setting up an account, and applying for a 2025 business license. 

Questions? Please contact the City Clerk's office. 816-331-4331 or

Please visit our FAQ page.

*This extension does not apply to liquor licenses. City liquor licenses will retain their July 1-June 30 license period to coincide with the state license period. 
**All business licenses that require evidence of liability and workers' compensation insurance per Section 6-55 of the Code of Ordinances will be required to maintain active certificates of insurance, which will be confirmed prior to the issuance of any permit.

Payment Options

License fees are listed on the specific application. Different types of licenses have different fees and requirements.

To pay your license fee by cash or check, please mail payment to Belton City Hall Annex, Attn: Deputy City Clerk, 520 Main Street, Belton, MO 64012. You can also drop payments off at City Hall Annex.

To receive the link to pay your license fee online, please submit your completed license packet to A 2.45% processing fee is applicable to all online license payment transactions. Please note - the City of Belton does not accept American Express.

Questions about Licensing? Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 816-331-4331 or

Please note - a City license is assigned to a particular business name, address, and owner. If any of these change, a new application is required. Please contact the Deputy City Clerk for more information. 816-331-4331 or