Peddler/Solicitor Regulation

Peddler ID pic

In November 2023, the Belton City Council approved Ordinance 2023-4819(PDF, 2MB) amending peddler/solicitor requirements. Peddler/solicitor ID cards will be issued through the Belton Police Department. The ID card must be worn at all times while soliciting. 

Click here for a list of peddlers/solicitors with a current ID card.(PDF, 119KB) This list will be updated as new peddlers/solicitors are added.

Who needs a peddler/solicitor ID card? Is anyone exempt?

Peddler/solicitor is defined in the Code of Ordinances, Section 15-350. Canvassers, also defined in Section 15-350, are exempt from the ID requirement, but are still required to comply with Division I of Chapter 15, Article VI.  

How do I get a peddler/solicitor ID card?

Peddler/solicitor ID cards are available exclusively through the Belton Police Department, 7001 E 163rd St, Belton, MO 64012. They are open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:00 pm (excluding holidays). No appointment is required.

What is the cost for a peddler/solicitor ID card? How long is it valid?

Peddler/solicitor ID cards are $25/each. They are valid for 60 days. 

Do I still need a business license through the City Clerk's office or just the peddler/solicitor ID card?

An annual business license is still required through the City Clerk's office for the business company, but the Police Department will administer the individual peddler/solicitor ID cards.

Questions? Need additional information? Please contact the Belton Police Department at 816-331-5522 or

Free No Soliciting stickers are available at the Police Station, Belton City Hall, and City Hall Annex.