Starting a New Business in Belton


Before opening a business in Belton, an application, fee, and additional paperwork is required to be submitted to the Deputy City Clerk. Businesses physically located in Belton require fire and building inspections. Each business license application has a listing of required information and standard fee.

The Building Department can help with Inspections and Permits. 
The Planning Department can help with zoning and regulations.

Please Note - The City of Belton is currently preparing code amendments to the Municipal Code and the Unified Development Code to comply with Sections 71.990 and 89.500 of the Revised Statues of Missouri related to home-based businesses. Based on the Revised Statutes, City staff believes that a home-based business no longer requires a business license with the City of Belton provided you are in compliance with the Revised Statutes and the future code amendments that are anticipated to be adopted by the City in November 2022.


Questions? Please contact the Deputy City Clerk at 816-331-4331 or