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The Adopt-a-Street program is a partnership program between the City of Belton and its citizens and/or community groups. It enables interested parties to adopt a city street section (a minimum of 1/2 mile to a maximum of 1 mile) in return for completing scheduled clean-ups and clean-up reports for the designated street section  a minimum of twice per year and for a period of two years. Each group will be recognized with signage placed along their designated street section. 

Benefits of the Adopt-a-Street Program:

  • Pride in the community
  • Sets an example for others, especially children
  • Shows you care about environmental issues
  • Improves the quality of life in your neighborhood
  • Enjoy the outdoors with friends, neighbors and colleagues
  • Makes a difference-TRASH AFFECTS EVERYONE!

How to Adopt-a-Street:

  1. Select a street segment your group would be interested in adopting from the Adopt-a-Street Map(PDF, 3MB). Please feel free to make suggestions for streets not proposed.
  2. Complete the Adopt-a-Street Agreement Form(PDF, 150KB) and return to the Transportation Division, 506 Main Street, Belton, Missouri 64012.
  3. The agreement and requested location will be reviewed. Allow one-two weeks for approval.
  4. Schedule your clean-up event and reserve the Safety Kit(PDF, 160KB).
  5. Complete the Volunteer Informed Consent and Release Form(PDF, 75KB) and return to the Department of Public Works Administrative Assistant when you pick up the Safety Kit.
  6. If applicable, all minors working during a scheduled event are required to complete the Minor Participation Permission For(PDF, 68KB)m with the signatures of the parent or legal guardian and return the completed form when you pick up the Safety Kit.
  7. Return completed forms and pick up Safety Kit from the Department of Public Works Administrative Assistant, 520 Main Street, Belton, Missouri, 64012. 
  8. Hold event. A copy of the Safety Rules(PDF, 149KB) is required to be on-site during the event and reviewed by each participant.
  9. Return Safety Kit and complete the Adopt-a-Street Completion Form(PDF, 69KB).
  10. Complete the Adopt-a-Street Recognition Sign Request(PDF, 284KB) and return with the Safety Kit and Completion Form.
  11. Please allow two months for sign replacement.
  12. Repeat steps 2-9 for each clean-up event in a two year time period.

For questions regarding the Adopt-a-Street Program, please contact the Transportation Division at (816) 331-9455.


Don't have a street you're interested in? Check out our Adopt-A-Stream Program!