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Are you interested in water quality and protecting the environment? Are you tired of seeing trash lining your neighborhood stream?  Now is the time to start planning a clean-up event!

As part of the City of Belton’s efforts to create a safer, healthier place for people and wildlife, the City is seeking volunteers (individuals, groups, or organizations) to participate in an Adopt-A-Stream Program. The program is designed to encourage community and personal level participation in our clean water endeavors by asking citizens to become actively involved in protecting our water resources.

The program enables interested parties to adopt a stream in return for completing a minimum of two (2) stream clean-ups per year for a period of two (2) years. The City recommends one clean-up event in the late spring/early summer and one in the fall. The City will provide clean-up supplies and signs to designate adopted areas.

Benefits of the Adopt-A-Stream Program

  • Builds pride in the community
  • Sets a good example for others, especially our youth
  • Protects our natural resources
  • Improves the quality of our local bodies of water
  • Provides an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with friends, neighbors, and colleagues
  • Makes a difference – TRASH AFFECTS EVERYONE

For questions regarding the Adopt-A-Stream Program, please contact Public Works at 816-331-4331 or by email.

How to Adopt-A-Stream

  1. Select a local stream your group would be interested in adopting from the Adopt-A-Stream Map(PDF, 26MB). Please feel free to make suggestions for streams not proposed. (Whether the land is public or private, you will need permission to clean it.)  Please review the General Conditions(PDF, 705KB) and Safety Guidelines(PDF, 214KB) for the Adopt-A-Stream Program, then complete Form 1: Application and Agreement(PDF, 185KB) and return it to the Public Works Department located at City Hall Annex, 520 Main Street or send it via email to the Public Works Department.
  2. Your application will be reviewed (please allow one-to-two weeks), and upon approval, Form 2: Agreement Form(PDF, 703KB) will need to completed and returned.
  3. The City will conduct a safety orientation for the Volunteer Group Leader prior to the first clean-up event and provide safety material and training aids for use in instructing volunteers.
  4. To schedule your clean-up event, complete and submit Form 3: Request for Clean-Up Event(PDF, 89KB) and Form 4: Safety Kit(PDF, 49KB). These completed forms must be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the proposed event date.
  5. Once you have a site and clean-up event date, gather volunteers. In addition to asking family and friends, appeal to local environmental groups for help in recruiting volunteers. Place notices at your library, workplace, and outdoor enthusiast shops. Consider asking local civic or youth groups to make it one of their projects.
  6. Complete Form 5: Volunteer Informed Consent and Release(PDF, 119KB) and if applicable, Form 5A: Minor Participation Permission(PDF, 64KB) and return to the Public Works Department when you pick up the Safety Kit.
  7. Prepare volunteers for clean-up event. Urge them to bring work gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent, drinking water, and work boots or waders. Tell them to use caution when handling trash and avoid hazardous materials like needles, broken glass, aerosol cans, and drums that may contain toxic waste.
  8. Hold the clean-up event. A copy of the Safety Guidelines is required to be on site during the event and reviewed by each participant.
  9. Plan on having a barbeque or picnic afterwards to celebrate your hard work! Get to know your fellow volunteers and congratulate each other on your work to protect and restore your local stream.
  10. After the clean-up event has concluded, return the Safety Kit and submit Form 6: Clean-Up Completion(PDF, 81KB).
  11. Complete Form 7: Adopt-A-Stream Recognition Sign Request (PDF, 164KB)and return with the Safety Kit and Form 6: Clean-Up Completion. (This step only applies to a group’s first clean-up event.) Please allow two (2) months for sign placement.
  12. Repeat steps 4 through 9 (Forms 3 through 6) for each clean-up event.
  13. The City encourages taking photos throughout the clean-up event to be shared on the City’s Adopt-A-Stream web page. Please submit your photos to the Public Works Department.

Click here for Interactive Adopt-A-Stream Map

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