Design and Construction Manual

All improvements to public infrastructure shall be in accordance with the standard specifications, design criteria, and standard details provided in the City's Design and Construction Manual. Specifications shall be used in the following order:

     1) City of Belton Specifications
     2) KC Metro Standard Specifications
     3) MoDOT Specifications

This manual was adopted to regulate the construction of public infrastructure improvements within the City, for all infrastructure.  Standards may change at any time.  Please verify that all documents previously downloaded from this page are current before relying on them.

If you have any questions concerning the Design and Construction Manual, contact the Public Works Department at (816) 331-4331.

Table of Contents(PDF, 170KB)
Introduction(PDF, 48KB)

Standard Details:
  Index Sheet(PDF, 40KB)

  Erosion Control(PDF, 4MB)      Sanitary(PDF, 988KB)      Storm(PDF, 2MB)      Streets(PDF, 2MB)      Traffic(PDF, 5MB)      Water(PDF, 4MB)      Miscellaneous(PDF, 526KB)   


Standard Specification:

 APWA Specification  City Specification
   2100 - Grading and Site Preparation(PDF, 595KB)    City Supplement to 2100(PDF, 192KB)   
   2150 - Erosion and Sediment Control(PDF, 230KB)       City Supplement to 2150(PDF, 35KB)  
   2200 - Paving(PDF, 681KB)    City Supplement to 2200(PDF, 203KB)
   2300 - Incidental Construction(PDF, 207KB)    City Supplement to 2300(PDF, 46KB)
   2400 - Seeding and Sodding(PDF, 404KB)    City Supplement to 2400(PDF, 99KB)
   2500 - Sanitary Sewers(PDF, 165KB)    City Supplement to 2500(PDF, 76KB)
   2600 - Storm Sewers(PDF, 142KB)    City Supplement to 2600(PDF, 60KB)
   2700 - Structures(PDF, 26KB)    City Adoption of 2700(PDF, 26KB)
   2800 - Street Lights(PDF, 148KB)    City Supplement to 2800(PDF, 27KB)
    N/A  - Traffic Signals    City Specification of 2850(PDF, 31KB)
   2900 - Water Lines(PDF, 403KB)    City Supplement to 2900(PDF, 71KB)


Design Criteria:

 APWA Specification  City Specification
   5100 - Site Work and Erosion and Sediment Control(PDF, 387KB)     City Supplement to 5100(PDF, 33KB)
   5200 - Streets(PDF, 2MB)   City Supplement to 5200(PDF, 182KB)
   5250 - Asphalt Cement Price Index(PDF, 74KB)   City Adoption of 5250(PDF, 28KB)
   N/A  - Incidental Construction and Local Bicycle Design     City Specification of 5300(PDF, 38KB)
   5500 - Sanitary Sewers and Appurtenances(PDF, 1MB)   City Supplement to 5500(PDF, 223KB)
   5600 - Storm Drainage Systems and Facilities(PDF, 5MB)   City Supplement to 5600(PDF, 137KB)
  MARC BMP Manual(PDF, 11MB)
   5700 - Structures(PDF, 2MB)   City Adoption of 5700(PDF, 27KB)
   5800 - Street Lighting(PDF, 199KB)   City Supplement to 5800(PDF, 36KB)
   N/A  - Traffic Signals   City Specification of 5850(PDF, 28KB)
   5900 - Utility Coordination for Capital Projects(PDF, 84KB)   City Adoption of 5900(PDF, 27KB)   
   N/A  - Water Systems   City Specification of 6000(PDF, 54KB)  


APWA/MARC BMP Manual 2012:

Manual of Best Management Practices For Stormwater Quality(PDF, 11MB)