Water, Sewer, Residential Trash FAQ

Shut off date is located on your bill highlighted in yellow.

Request An Additional Cart

An additional cart fee of $6.02 will be added to your monthly bill.

Please contact us for your assigned cart number, if you are unable to locate it, contact the police department (816)331-1500 to file a report.  Let us know the report number so that we may have a replacement cart delivered to your address.




WCA uses several different trucks to pick up residential trash, yard waste and bulky items.  Please reach out if your items remain at the curb at the end of the day.  Report Miss

Please reach out to us by phone or email and include your current service address, date to stop service and a forwarding address for return of deposit/final bill. 






A common culprit of a high residential water bill is a leaky toilet.  

Place a couple drops of food coloring in the tank of the toilet to see if the color leaks into the bowl.  If so, your toilet flapper may be the cause.  We also have dye strips available at City Hall at no charge.

Emergency Service

If you have an emergency after hours, such as service disruption due to a water line break in the City’s water system or if your service was not restored during normal business hours after you made a payment on a delinquent account, please call the City’s emergency service number (816) 331-5522.


The trash company has until 7pm to pick up the trash. If it is after 7pm, please email us at utilities@belton.org so that we may report the missed service and have it taken care of according to the City contract.  Report Miss