Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for the planning, directing and coordinating of the Belton Emergency Services fire prevention activities.  Those include:
  • Public fire education
  • Ongoing fire safety inspections of all business
  • Working with the Development Review Committee to insure fire safety of new development
  • Fire investigations
For more information about our fire safety programs or to schedule a tour or event, please contact the Fire Department at 816-331-7969.

Fireworks Regulations

The sale and use of fireworks are regulated in the City of Belton. See the information below for details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Fire Marshal's office at 816-331-7969 or by email.

Fireworks are permitted to be sold by duly recognized civic groups, service clubs, charitable or church organizations located in the city of Belton.  Sales may take place beginning no earlier than 8:00 AM on June 28 and end no later than midnight on July 4 each year. fireworks1.jpg

Applications for sales licenses must be made to the Fire Prevention Bureau by the close of business on June 1 or risk being denied. The application can be found at here(PDF, 315KB)

Application for a Temporary Use Permit is required and can also be found by clicking the link to Retail Fireworks Sales License Application(PDF, 315KB).  

Only one fireworks sales license will be issued per 4,000 population.  Those organizations that were issued a sales permit in 2010 are entitled to apply for and receive a permit so long as they continue to submit an application annually.

Applicants for license to sell fireworks are required to attend a mandatory safety meeting each year before the license is issued.

fireworks2.jpg Beginning in 2011, fireworks retailers will not be required to hand out a list of restrictions with each sale.  Instead, a sign is required that lists the restrictions. The possession, sale and/or use of Bottle Rockets, Sky Rockets and Roman Candles is prohibited in the City of Belton.

No fireworks may be discharged on public property including streets or parks.  Fireworks may not be discharged from a moving vehicle of any type. 

No fireworks may be discharged until 10:00 AM June 28.  Fireworks discharge hours are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM throughout the sales and use period ending at midnight on the 4th.  Exceptions include: no fireworks use before noon on Sundays and discharge is permitted until midnight on the 4th of July only. 

At least one of the minimum of two required fire extinguishers must be a pressurized water type.  The maximum travel distance to a fire extinguisher is 35 feet. 

No hay, straw, shavings or similar combustible materials that have not been treated to make them flame retardant shall be permitted within the fireworks sales location. 

You can view a complete list of restrictions or see the fireworks regulation ordinance here(PDF, 212KB).

Holiday Fire Safety

2010 Holiday Safety.jpgDecorating for the holidays is fun and a longstanding tradition.  Unfortunately, some of those decorations can increase your chances of fire.  Visit the United States Fire Administration's website for some important tips for protecting your family this holiday season.

As always, you can contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for more information.

Happy Holidays!


Permit Information

Fire Protection Permits are required for the following:Sprinklers.jpg

  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems 
  • Fire alarm and detection systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Battery systems 
  • Compressed gasses
  • Flammable and combustible liquids
  • Hazardous materials facilities
  • LP gas systems
  • Standpipe systems
  • Tent and membrane structures

Most plans are required to bear the stamp of a registered design professional. 
View our Fire Protection Permit Packet(PDF, 904KB).

Recreational Fire & Other Hazardous Condition Permits
Permits are required for open burning, fireworks displays, hot work, tents, and other hazardous conditions or operations.  There are no fees associated with these permits. 

For more information, please download our Hazardous Condition Permit(PDF, 66KB).

Open Burning Regulations
Permits for open burning (other than recreational fires) for land clearing operations, vegetative waste disposal, or agricultural purposes are available but must meet strict regulations. Most open burning in the city must be done with an air curtain destructor (ACD).Contact the Fire Department for more information. 816-331-7969

Questions? please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 816-331-7969.

Smoke Detector Program

The Fire Prevention Bureau makes every effort to ensure all homes are equipped with working smoke detectors.  We will be happy to check or replace batteries or install smoke detectors in your home upon request and as time and resources permit.

For more information, or to request a smoke detector check/installation, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 816-331-7969.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are permitted in the City of Belton. Some specific regulations apply.  To comply with City regulations, outdoor fireplaces must:outdoor fireplace.png

  • Only be used on private property of one- and two-family dwellings
  • Have a screen or chimney that limits the spread of embers
  • Be used at least 10 feet from combustible decks or patios

In addition to the regulations above, only firewood, small tree branches or similar materials may be burned in outdoorFireplace with screen.png fireplaces.  The burning of trash, treated lumber, or anything objectionable is prohibited. If smoke or odor creates a nuisance, the fire must be extinguished.

Outdoor fireplace safety:

  • Only use outdoor fireplaces when environmental conditions are safeChimnea.png
  • Outdoor fireplaces should always be attended by a competent adult
  • Keep a garden hose or other means of extinguishment close

IFC 2012; Belton UDC chapter 16-2, section 307.5

For more information on outdoor fireplaces, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 816-331-7969.

Blasting Information

The City of Belton requires a blasting permit be issued before any blasting takes place. The permit can be downloaded here(PDF, 666KB).