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Stay Up To Date on Information Regarding Citywide Trash Service

Fall 2018 Bulky Item Pick Up Days 
Belton residents are allowed up to 5 bulky items to be picked up curbside. These items can include furniture, appliances, fixtures, carpet, etc.

Click here for a flier with more details. Also see the City of Belton Facebook event.

Monday trash residents - Friday, September 14, 2018
Tuesday trash residents - Friday, September 21, 2018

Yard waste pick up 
Unlimited yard waste pick up will begin March 5 & 6 as part of the Jim's Disposal trash contract. It will continue through the end of December. 

*yard waste pick up will occur on your normally scheduled trash pick up day (Monday or Tuesday)

*yard waste will be picked up by a separate truck

*please ensure all yard waste (just like trash and recycling) is at the curb no later then 7am on your pick up day

*all grass clippings and leaves should be in biodegradable brown paper leaf bags (no plastic bags)

*all limbs/ shrub trimmings/ tree timings must be securely bundled in less than 18" in diameter. (use twine or string; no tape or plastic) Maximum length is 36" and maximum weight is 60 pounds.

**things NOT accepted - plastic of any kind, dirt, rocks, stumps, roots, shrubs with intact root balls, or plastic/clay/ceramic pots

General Information

The Belton City Council approved an ordinance June 27, 2017, to centralize residential solid waste collection with Jim's Disposal Service beginning January 1, 2018

Belton pick up days are either Monday or Tuesday of each week. Days are assigned by city location. Jim's Disposal does not recognize holidays. If your pick up day falls on a holiday, Jim's will still pick up.
Map of Belton showing pick up days

Jim's Disposal begins their route at 7:00am each day. All trash and recycling must be out no later than 7:00am on your pick up day to ensure timely collection. 

Trash containers have a black lid. All trash should be in a container. If you have more trash than what will fit in the Jim's container, you may use a personal container or place bags on the curb.

Please note the proper placement of containers at the end of the driveway or at the curb. By placing containers in this fashion, the automated truck can work more efficiently. 
Proper Container Placement

Bulky trash pick up (couches, chairs, etc.) will be scheduled twice a year. DO NOT put these kinds of items out for your weekly trash/recycle pick up. They will only be picked up on the bulky trash pick up days. If you need additional pick ups, please contact Jim's Disposal Service directly 816.408.0220 and they will bill you directly. 

Questions? Please contact Christina at Jim’s Disposal Service at 816.408.0220 or email at 

Additional Information

What did the City Council approve on June 27, 2017?
Ordinance 2017-4370 Approving Jim's Disposal Service and Contract

***The City of Belton will not be providing waste or recycle services for Crown Communities, Lazy Acres, Oakhill, Peaceful Homes, Plaza Acres, Southfork, Springdale Lake, or Tuscany Village neighborhoods. ***

What are the recycling guidelines?
The recycling container has a blue lid. All recycling should be loose in the container, not bagged. If you have additional recycling that won't fit in the container (e.g., broken down boxes), please place it in a cardboard box on the curb next to the recycling container.
Recycling Flier

What if my container is broken?
?When a repair is needed, please contact Christina at Jim’s Disposal Service at 816.408.0220 or email at . Please provide the following information:
  • Type of container (trash or recycling)
  • Size of container (45 or 65 gallon)
  • Your address & phone number
  • What needs to be repaired
Christina will contact you to let you know when they will be repairing the container or replacing it. 

What if my container is missing?
??When a container is missing, please contact Christina at Jim’s Disposal Service at 816.408.0220 or email at . Please provide the following information:
  • Type of container (trash or recycling)
  • Size of container (45 or 65 gallon)
  • Your address & phone number
While your container is being located, you can put bags of trash at the curb and recycling in a box at the curb.

It is a good idea to look around your neighborhood. Occasionally containers are placed on a neighbor's curb by accident. Jim's Disposal will also look around the neighborhood. To verify if a container is yours, Jim's Disposal will scan the bar code on the side. If the container cannot be located, Jim's Disposal will provide a replacement.

Jim's Disposal Website and Belton information
Jim's Disposal - Belton information
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