New Ordinance Allows Golf Carts and Off-Highway UTVs on Belton Streets

Published on January 05, 2022

Off-Highway UTV.jpeg

A quick run to the local store or your neighborhood park just became a little simpler with the passage of a new ordinance that allows golf carts and off-highway / UTVs on Belton streets. 


Under a new ordinance passed by the City Council, golf carts and off–highway / UTVs will soon be able to be driven on specific roadways in Belton. The ordinance opens a whole new method of transportation for many within our community. We understand that with any new City initiative, it is important for residents to understand the new rules and requirements before getting behind the wheel of their own golf carts and off-highway / UTVs.


Police Chief Scott A. Lyons has outlined the processes residents will need to follow to have their golf carts and off-highway / UTVs reviewed for ordinance compliance and registered with the City. Applications can be picked up at the Police Department. The ordinance requires anyone driving golf carts and off-highway / UTVs to register that vehicle with the City and pay a $15 permit fee. The ordinance also requires that all golf carts and off-highway / UTVs must be inspected by the Belton Police Department.


To help educate residents, the City has instituted a grace period for the enforcement of the golf cart and off-highway / UTV ordinance regarding drivers of these vehicles. Police officers have been instructed to stop golf cart and off-highway / UTV drivers if they see someone breaking the law, but will only be giving warnings during this period for this particular ordinance. All other traffic ordinances (i.e. moving violations) will be enforced as usual. Once the grace period ends, drivers will be issued citations for violations of the ordinance.


Residents must register their golf carts and off-highway / UTVs before they can be operated on a public street. Application and inspection forms, as well as permit stickers are now available.


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