Call Before You Dig, 811

Published on August 11, 2022

Don't Risk It.jpeg

Today, August 11 (8/11), serves as an awareness day for Call Before You Dig, 811. We remind homeowners and contractors alike to call “811” before any type of digging project. Projects warranting a call to 811 include, but are not limited to, building a deck or patio, planting a tree or installing a mailbox.

Utility lines are frequently disturbed by unverified digging. Contacting Missouri One Call (811) is the best way to know if utility lines are buried in the area.

When calling 811 or using the online request form, know the type of project being completing, the address of where the digging will occur, including the county and nearest cross street, and the exact area on the property where digging will occur. The request will be transferred to a local Missouri One Call center who will then notify the appropriate utility companies of the intent to dig. Professional locators are then sent to the digging site to mark locations of underground utility lines with flags, spray paint or other methods. While the request may take a few days, this process avoids injury, large repair costs, fines, and inconvenient outages.

Remember: Smart digging means calling 811 before every project!