Belton Police Department Leading the Region in Staffing

Published on May 09, 2024


Belton, MO - In a significant development for community safety, the Belton Police Department proudly announces that it is now nearly fully staffed. With almost every position filled, the department can now provide enhanced patrol coverage, quicker response times, and a heightened sense of security across the city.


This is the result of a concentrated effort to address staffing shortages and prioritize the needs of the community. Recognizing the vital role of a fully operational police force, the department took proactive measures. Chief Lyons, who joined the department in March 2021, has been instrumental in realigning the department's organizational structure, a process initiated in FY 2022-2023. Despite notable progress, a few positions remain vacant, including three Patrol Officer positions, one Corrections Officer position, and potentially one or two Dispatch positions.


However, strides have been made in refining the hiring process, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated Human Resources Department and recruiter, along with the implementation of BambooHR for online applications. Quarterly "Open Testing" sessions have facilitated recruitment efforts, with social media platforms utilized to disseminate information to potential candidates.


The department has also expanded its capabilities with specialized positions, including a dedicated Traffic Unit, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Detective, FBI Regional Computer Forensics Agent (RCFL Detective), DEA Detective, and soon, a K9 Officer.


Chief Lyons expressed pride in the department's progress, emphasizing the commitment to serving and protecting the citizens of Belton. As the city moves forward with a nearly fully staffed police force, residents can expect a safer and more secure community environment.


If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a hometown hero and serving the City of Belton as a member of the Belton Police Department, click here to see open positions.

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