Traffic Operations & Streetlights

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The Public Works Department provides traffic engineering and traffic operations in the City.  Traffic engineering consists of conducting traffic studies, and design of traffic signals, signs and markings.  Traffic operations consists of operating traffic signals, maintaining signs, and striping. 


Speed Humps

The Speed Hump Policy was approved by the City Council on April 25, 2023. See the link below for more information.

Speed-Hump-Policy-R2023-45.pdf(PDF, 94KB)

Request a Street Speed Hump


Streetlights in the City of Belton are owned and maintained by Evergy.  To report an outage, please contact Evergy at  They will need the closest address or the number on the pole.  You will be required to give your name and phone number for follow up.  

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering consists of traffic studies and the design of traffic signs, signs, and markings.  Traffic studies are used to determine if there are changes needed for traffic signals, 4 way stops, and speed limits.  They also look at conflict management and crash locations for ways to reduce the crash frequencies.  When a study concludes that a new device in warranted, engineering staff designs the traffic signals, signs, and/ or markings needed to make the improvement.  All traffic devices are installed in accordance with the Manual of Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  

Traffic Operations

Traffic Operations is responsible for the maintenance of all traffic control devices.  The City of Belton has its own sign maker that can produce small signs as seen around town.  Striping of crosswalks is completed by the City crews while major striping is completed by a contractor.  City crews also provide minor traffic signal maintenance, but contract out major work.