Snow & Ice Removal

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Winter Weather Mission Statement
When a winter weather event occurs, it shall be the objective of the Public Works Transportation Division to make sure the streets of Belton are passable for vehicular traffic as soon as possible in a safe and efficient manner. The safety of the public and the personnel shall be of the highest priority at all times.

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The Public Works Department is responsible for snow removal on 286 lane miles of roadway and 144 cul-de-sacs utilizing ten trucks. The City follows the guidelines per the Winter Weather Policy to provide the most effective snow removal operation possible.

Public Works staff monitors all weather forecasts and road conditions before, during, and after an event to determine the best course of action. Periodic notifications will be posted on this website and Facebook detailing where crews are at in the process. 

Emergency / Priority Snow Route Map(PDF, 4MB)

Route Map(PDF, 5MB)

The City of Belton streets are divided into two different categories based on the street function, traffic volume, and importance to the welfare of the community. Accordingly, these categories are designed to provide the maximum possible coverage to higher-volume, safety- sensitive areas first.

  1. Emergency Snow Routes / Primary - Thoroughfares and Main Collectors: These roadways are considered to be the highest priority and shall be completed first during plowing operations.
  2. Residential - Streets and cul-de-sacs not classified as an emergency snow route or primary route will be completed after emergency snow routes/primary routes are cleared. Depending upon the amount of snow and funding, City Staff may utilize outside resources to assist clearing cul-de-sacs.
The Missouri Department of Transportation is responsible for plowing and treatment of I-49, 58 Highway, and Y Highway through the City of Belton. Valuable information is available on the Missouri Department of Transportation(MoDOT) website regarding road conditions throughout the State.

MoDOT Travel Conditions Map

MoDOT Website

(888)-ASK MoDOT (275-6636)


Tips for Citizens

  • If you have a medical emergency during a winter weather event, please call 911.
  • Be patient!
    • Public Works will work around the clock until all streets have been plowed and treated. If you live on a residential street or cul-de-sac, it typically requires more time to get to these streets.
    • Please drive slowly. Excessive speed is the number one cause of winter accidents.
    • Please give snow removal vehicles the right of way and stay at least 100 feet back from plow trucks
  • Please park in your driveway. It is essential to efficiency and safety that cars be parked well off the street so plows can clear edge to edge.
  • Clearing Your Driveway
    • The City's goal in these winter weather events is simply to assist you in getting to your destination safely. Please check the street. If it is clean and opened to its full width, then you are likely to only have to shovel your driveway once. If the street is not clear and especially if snow is still falling or will fall again soon, the plow trucks will continue to clear the streets, and you may have to shovel more than once. The City will not clear private drives. 
    • While plowing, drivers are instructed to keep speeds less than 25 mph; however, certain plowing conditions only allow drivers to reach speeds of 15 mph. In dry snow conditions, the snow being cleared does not go into the drives as far as it does when the snow is relatively wet. Even at only 15 mph, the wetter snow conditions can result in snow being pushed farther into the drives. It is not the intent of the drivers to push snow into driveways. It is simply difficult to minimize this and be effective. 
    • Helpful hints for shoveling your driveway (refer to diagram above). This will help reduce the amount of snow pushed back into your drive.
      • Always shovel to the right side. Do not shovel into the street.
      • Don't just shovel to the curb. Clear an area 2' past the end of your driveway.
      • Shovel an area 2'x15' up the street from your drive (direction plow truck will be coming from).
  • Reporting Slick Streets - Please contact the Transportation Division at (816) 331-9455. Snow removal crews will not break away from their normal operations unless it involves an emergency response.
  • Catch Basins / Storm Boxes - If there is a catch basin in front of your house, you can help by making sure it is clear of snow and debris that may prevent the road from draining properly.