Property Clerk

The Belton Police Department's Properties Clerk is responsible for the inventory, storage and/or disposal of all property seized or recovered.


1st - Call to request your property back

If you feel like your property has been is being held by the Belton Police Department and you would like to get it back, you need to call the Belton Police Department Non-Emergency Number 816-331-5522 and speak with the Property Clerk. At this time the Property Clerk will inform you of the documentation that you will need to obtain your property.

2nd - Call back from Property Clerk

After the Property Clerk investigates your case that involves the property, she will call you back and schedule a time for you to bring in the documentation that is required.

3rd - Pick up of personal property

You will come to the Belton Police Department (7001 E 163rd St Belton Missouri 64012) to bring your required documentation and to retrieve your personal property. This process can only be done by the Property Clerk. 


If there was a police tow order issued for you vehicle you need to first contact Eckert Tow 816-331-1550 and find out what you need to do next. 

Where is my vehicle? 

If a police tow is ordered for your vehicle, it will be towed by Eckert Tow to their lot at 657 N. Scott Ave, Belton MO 64012. If it was not ordered by the police then you will need to contact the person who had it towed. 

How can I get my tow fee's removed? 

 Tow fees are between Eckert and the owner of the vehicle. If there is a hold on the vehicle the hold must be removed by the police department before it can be picked up.

How can I pick up my vehicle?  

To reclaim the vehicle, the OWNER, no one else, must provide a current title or registration along with a photo ID must be provided to the tow company. If the owner is out of town or still in jail, they must fax a notarized statement to the tow company specifying the make and model of the vehicle and to whom they authorize to pick it up.

For other questions contact Eckert Tow at 816-331-1550