Court Sessions

Docket Times and Dates

Docket Times & Dates
Court sessions are held on Tuesday afternoons beginning at 1:00 p.m.. Dockets for incarcerated defendants are generally held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:00 p.m.. You may access and view all upcoming court sessions/dockets at

During court sessions, we accept payment(s) in the form of:
  • Cash
  • Cashier's check / personal check 
  • Credit or debit cards (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Money order

Business Checks are not accepted. Third Party Checks are not accepted. Unwrapped or loose coins are not accepted in excess of $5.00. 

Checking In
If you are making a court appearance, you will need to check in, beginning at 12:45 p.m., with the clerk in the lobby of the Belton Municipal Division court building, which is located at:

7001 E. 163rd St.
Belton, MO 64012

If you are appearing as a witness, please check in with the Victim Services Advocate in the lobby of the Municipal Division Court building.


Court Rules and Regulations

Dress Code
Dress code is strictly enforced when appearing before the Judge.  Shirt and shoes are required at all times by all persons entering the courtroom.

The following clothing articles are prohibited:

  • Midriff baring shirts, skirts, pants and shorts
  • Shorts above the knee and cutoffs of any sort
  • Halter and tank tops
  • Undershirts
  • Bathing Suits
  • Hats/Helmets
  • Obscene/Lewd printing of material on clothing

If you appear in court with inappropriate attire you will be asked to leave and return dressed in appropriate clothing until you have disposed of your business before the court.
Prohibited Items
  • All pagers, cell phones and electronic devices must be turned to silent before entering the courtroom.
  • Food, drink, gum, alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited from the courtroom.
  • Any kind of weapon is strictly prohibited from the building.  All weapons will be confiscated and the violator will be arrested and charged.
  • Any person(s) violating these codes may be charged with a direct contempt of court citation resulting in a fine and/or jail sentence, as deemed appropriate.
Children in the Courtroom

It is strongly encouraged that children are not brought into the Courtroom. If children must be in the Courtroom, they must be well-behaved, quiet, and must not disturb Court.

Unless present in Court as a defendant in a traffic case, persons under age of seventeen (17) shall be accompanied by an adult. When a child becomes noisy or will not remain seated, the parents of that child will be asked to remove said child or children. The bailiff or police officer shall record the name of the defendant associated with the child, and ask that the defendant and children remain in the hallway or outside the Courtroom until their name is called on the docket. At such time as the defendant’s name is called, the bailiff shall summon the family, including children, who may then enter the Courtroom for purposes of arraignment or other business with the Court.

The Court may exclude children if the nature of a matter being heard may be, in the Court’s discretion, inappropriate to children.


Court Appointed Attorney

Apply for Court Appointed Attorney
If the Judge and/or Prosecuting Attorney determines you may be sentenced to serve jail time for the violation with which you are charged, the Judge may appoint you an attorney. If jail will be part of your punishment and you cannot afford an attorney, the Judge will appoint an attorney to represent you. You do not have a constitutional right to have an attorney appointed if a jail sentence will not be part of your sentence AND you cannot afford an attorney.

Do not confuse this with a Public Defender or the Public Defender's office.  The Public Defender's Office does not provide representation to individuals in Municipal Division Court cases.

Apply for a court appointed attorney by completing the application and presenting it to the Judge at your court appearance. 
Court Appointed Attorney Application COURT-APPOINTED-ATTORNEY-APPLICATION.xlsx(XLSX, 13KB)


Request a Different Court Date or Trial

You may request one continuance from your initial court date 24 hours in advance of your court date. Contact the Municipal Division Court by phone at (816) 331-2798. All other requests for continuance must be before the judge on your assigned court date. The judge cannot take telephone calls or see you outside of the courtroom. Continuances left on voicemail will not be granted. The Municipal Division Court office does not answer telephone calls after 5:00 p.m..


If you desire to plead NOT GUILTY and wish to have a trial, you or your attorney, may contact the court office at (816)331-2798 to request a NOT GUILTY trial date.




Failure to Appear

Failure to either pay prior to your date or appear on your assigned court date to dispose of your offense could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. You may be required to post bond.  Your failure to appear or pay for your offense may be reported to your state licensing authority and your driving privilege could be suspended.

To get your license back after a Failure to Appear in Court for Traffic Violation (FACT) suspension, you will be required to show proof of compliance and pay a $20 fee, per offense, to your nearest driver's license office.

The court may place a hold on your driver record so you cannot apply for a new or duplicate driver license. In order for the hold to be removed, you must submit a release order from the court indicating you have paid the traffic fine. A $20 reinstatement fee is not required.

If you receive a ticket while traveling out of state, the Missouri Department of Revenue can suspend your license for failure to pay tickets issued anywhere in the United States.

If you have failed to pay your offense or appear in court, please contact the court office at (816)331-2798.



Will Points Be Assessed On My License
Points are assessed on your license by the . The Belton Municipal Court has no authority over the Missouri Point System. 

View the DOR-Points-Table.pdf(PDF, 2MB) .

If you accumulate eight (8) points in eighteen (18) months, your driving privilege will be suspended for thirty (30) days if it is the first suspension, sixty (60) days if it is the second suspension, and ninety (90) days if it is the third suspension. If you accumulate twelve (12) points in twelve (12) months, eighteen (18) points twenty-four (24) months, or twenty-four (24) points in thirty-six (36) months, your driving privilege will be revoked for one (1) year.

The municipal court does not have access to the amount of points assessed on your license.  You may contact the Missouri Department of Revenue at  to find out about non-personal information such as traffic tickets and suspension/revocation-related information.


Municipal Division Court Operating Order