Public Works Projects: Updates and Details



Stay informed about all ongoing and upcoming road construction projects in Belton, MO. This page features the latest updates, detailed information, and maps to help you navigate through construction zones. Our goal is to keep you updated on the progress and ensure a smooth experience as we work to improve our city's infrastructure.

We encourage you to check back often for the latest updates and information on construction timelines and traffic changes. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work to make Belton an even better place to live and travel.


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North Scott Avenue Improvement Project

Estimated Completion Date: Mid to Late 2024





UPDATE 5/14/2024: 

In the past few weeks, significant progress has been made on our concrete work. The replacement of all curbs is now complete, and our contractor is focusing on finishing the remaining sidewalks and driveways. Once this phase is done, our asphalt contractor will commence milling and overlaying the existing pavement. Following the milling process, and prior to laying the final surface, our contractors will address any damaged concrete areas.


UPDATE 3/20/2024: 

Progress on N. Scott is advancing, with the completion of the curb nearing on the southbound side. Plans have been devised to reinstate access to closed driveways using plates and beginning replacement on any driveways remaining.

Following this, the asphalt team will fill the area between the plates and driveways. Adverse weather conditions may impede progress slightly. Subsequently, attention will transition to the opposite side of the roadway, from 155th Street and moving southward.


The North Scott Avenue Improvement Project began on Feb. 26. The project, scheduled for completion in mid- to late-2024, focuses on the stretch between Hargis Street and 155th Street, bringing a host of improvements through carefully managed lane closures.


This initiative involves the replacement of curb, sidewalk, and driveways along N. Scott Avenue, coupled with the resurfacing of the road between Hargis Street and 155th Street.


The project includes the introduction of bike lanes. Residents can anticipate a bike lane in both directions from 155th Street to Markey Road, with an additional northbound lane from Hargis Street to Markey Road.


Concrete removals, a key aspect of the project, are scheduled began on Monday, Feb. 26. The City is dedicated to ensuring minimal disruption to businesses and residents, and proactive notifications will be issued in advance of any work affecting driveways.


As the project unfolds, the city looks forward to the positive impact on both residents and businesses. Stay tuned for further updates.



Mullen Road Transformation

Estimated Completion Date: Late 2024





UPDATE 5/14/2024:

As of last week, Mullen Road is closed from Silver Maple Drive to Cambridge Road. The contractor has removed all existing pavement in this area and is nearing completion of the storm sewer, which is anticipated to be finished this week. The water main work along Mullen between Silver Maple and Cambridge is also complete.

Next steps include rough grading and preparing for the cement treated base (CTB). Once the CTB is in place, curb installation will begin, followed by paving. After the paving is completed, we will move into Stage 2: Mullen Road will reopen to Sycamore, and the Cambridge Road intersection will close. At that point, Traditions will regain access at Sycamore.

UPDATE 3/20/2024:

The contractor has made significant progress by installing the majority of the water main and is currently undergoing testing procedures. However, commencement of the storm sewer work is pending until all precast components arrive. In the meantime, they have been utilizing available time to carry out rough grading across the project site.

The Mullen Road Improvement project is structured to unfold in several phases, each carefully designed to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of residents and commuters.


The initial phase involves the closure of Mullen Road from Silver Maple to Cambridge, a step scheduled to take place 5-8 weeks from the project's initiation, contingent on administrative timelines.


Following this, the focus will shift to the intersection of Cambridge & Mullen, slated for closure in mid-June or later, paving the way for the construction of a much-anticipated roundabout.


As the project progresses, the city pledges to keep the community well-informed, with detailed traffic control plans and detours shared in advance of each major phase. This transparent approach aims to facilitate smooth navigation for residents and businesses alike.


The comprehensive scope of the project includes resurfacing Mullen from Route 58 to Silver Maple Drive. Additionally, Mullen's transformation involves a substantial reconstruction and widening effort, expanding the road from to five lanes. This configuration includes two lanes in each direction, separated by a median, with occasional turn lanes strategically placed near intersections. This project will install a roundabout at the Mullen/Cambridge intersection, a measure aimed at enhancing traffic flow and ensuring safety.


Belton residents can look forward to a nicer, more efficient Mullen Road, reflecting the city's commitment to progress and improved infrastructure. Stay tuned for updates and detailed traffic plans.



58 Widening & 173rd Street Extension

Estimated Completion Date: Late 2024





UPDATE 5/14/2024:

Contract work commenced 5/13/2024, with the contractor setting up traffic control and initiating Stage 1. As announced on social media, two driveways are now closed to facilitate the widening work on the north side of Route 58. Additionally, work on the 173rd Street Extension is also beginning.

Click here to view the road closure and detour information


Exciting developments are on the horizon for Belton as the city prepares for a transformative project set to enhance Route 58 at Peculiar Drive and extend 173rd Street. The project, scheduled to commence in mid-March, promises improved traffic flow and increased connectivity for the community.


The project unfolds in multiple phases to minimize disruptions. Initially, a temporary traffic signal will be installed at Cunningham Parkway and 58 Highway, followed by the temporary closure of Powell intersection and Powell access during subsequent work phases. The new signal on Cunningham Parkway will prompt the closure of Peculiar Drive, with corresponding detours shared with the public during each phase.


Notable enhancements include the addition of a right lane on Route 58 from Powell to  Southbound I-49, a reconfiguration of the traffic signal at Powell, and the removal of the Peculiar Drive intersection at 58 Highway.


The project extends beyond Route 58, resurfacing the road from I-49 to just east of Starlight Drive.


The 173rd Street extension is a significant aspect of this endeavor, unfolding in two construction stages. The first involves the closure of Cunningham and 173rd St, while the second necessitates the closure of Peculiar at 173rd Street.


As part of the city's commitment to transparency, detailed traffic control plans and detours will be shared ahead of each phase to facilitate smooth navigation for residents and commuters.


As the project takes shape, Belton anticipates a more efficient and interconnected transportation network, further solidifying the city's reputation for progress and community development. Stay tuned for updates.

Markey Parkway Connection

Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2025