Development Process

Turner Road being constructed

It is our firm belief that effective working relationships with the development community are critical to building a strong local economy and an outstanding quality of life for citizens and businesses alike.  These important relationships are forged and sustained through timely, consistent, and clear communication to those we serve. The City of Belton has worked extremely hard to create a business friendly environment. It is our highest priority to provide a streamlined experience throughout the development process that is supported by progressive staff and elected officials. It is our intention to assist you in any way we can from initial consultation, land planning, and permitting throughout construction. The City of Belton will utilize all available services and resources to ensure a smooth, responsive development experience.

With that goal in mind, we have put together this Development Guidebook to serve as a practical, “nuts and bolts” reference guide to developers, contractors, land owners, design professionals, and others during the development planning of a project.

We appreciate your commitment to Belton and hope you find the information contained in this guidebook helpful as you move ahead.

Code of Ordinances and Unified Development Code