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Welcome to the City of Belton

Belton stands out as a prime location for your business due to its access to rail, interstate freight and growing workforce. Belton's proximity to major highways like I-49 and I-435 facilitates efficient distribution and connectivity with neighboring cities. Our central location within the Kansas City metropolitan area offers all the amenities of a major city while our neighborhoods and Downtown Main Street still have all the charm of a small town.

Moreover, Belton fosters a welcoming business climate characterized by a strong local economy and supportive economic development initiatives. The city provides various resources and incentives for entrepreneurs, including business development programs and networking opportunities throughout growing Chamber of Commerce. The community's friendly and collaborative spirit enhances networking and partnership possibilities.

Belton also continues to set the standard with a growing population and a stable housing market, making it an attractive place for employees to live and work. The city's quality schools and public parks contribute to a high quality of life, which can aid in attracting and retaining skilled talent.

Overall, Belton's combination of location, business-friendly environment, and community support makes it an ideal choice for establishing and growing a successful business.

The Belton Advantage

Our Economic Development Department’s main concern is you, because your success is our success.

Our priorities are business retention, expansion and attraction. We use all available services and resources to ensure that the City of Belton continually develops as a great location for business. If you are looking to start, expand or relocate a business, we thank you for considering the great City of Belton. We invite you to our one-stop, streamlined experience.

We can help you through initial consultation, land planning, building inspection and permitting.
Belton’s development team will assist you throughout the entire development process. We will ensure a smooth, responsive development experience.

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