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Proposition R and S Project Status
Working to Improve Public Infrastructure

Bond Projects Status

Transparency is of the upmost importance to the City. This page is dedicated for residents to check back for updates as to the status of these bonds projects, if approved. Check back often for status updates.

Proposition S
 - general obligation bonds in the amount of $14,250,000 to construct, reconstruct, extend and improve the City's storm sewer system, and to acquire any rights-of-way.

Proposition R - general obligation bonds in the amount of $13,750,000 to construct, reconstruct, extend and improve the streets and roads of the City, and to acquire any rights-of-way.

Belton Streets PCI Rating Map

Belton is working with Stantec Consulting Services, a nationally acclaimed company, to evaluate the pavement condition of city streets.  Stantec drove each street in Belton with a specialized truck equipped with laser cameras and GPS to measure and evaluate roughness and pavement distresses, such as potholes, rutting, alligator cracking, etc. per industry standards.  This data was used to develop a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for each street segment.  The overall PCI for Belton streets is "46", which equates to a "poor" condition. 

Preliminary Proposition R Street Improvements Map

Belton's PCI and other supplementary data were used as the basis for determining a preliminary list of streets to be repaired if Proposition R providing $13.75 million for strees is approved by voters on April 2nd.  Because the overall condition of Belton's streets is "poor" based upon the PCI, most of the streets need immediate repair.  Staff worked with Stantec to develop a process for determining a preliminary project list.  This process includes the following factors using a "worst first" approach:
  • Repairing the "failed" streets which were mainly in residential areas and adding adjacent streets with the worst conditions to group improvements for continuity and more visual appeal;
  • Prioritizing streets based on roughness, rideability, and site reconnaissance when streets had the same PCI;
  • Ensuring that projects were distributed throughout all Wards in Belton.
This preliminary plan is estimated to cost around $11 million and includes 39.52 lane miles based on approximate costs and quantities for pavement resurfacing and base repair.  If Prop R is approved by voters, staff plans to walk each street and measure actual quantities of curb and gutter and base repair to finalize costs.  Costs will also need to be included for maintenance and bond financing.  If there are remaining funds, additional streets will be added to use the entire $13.75 million approved by voters.

Prior to scheduling projects, staff will evaluate field conditions, such as storm sewer pipe under the street, and complete any needed repairs before the new asphalt is placed.

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