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Sewer Billing - Volume vs. Winter Average
Residential Sewer Billing
Residential Sewer billing is based upon water usage.  As a general rule, every gallon of water that is used goes down the drain into the sewer.  It is also recognized however, that some uses of water (example: washing cars or watering your lawn) does not go down the drain and it is not appropriate for sewer to be charged for these uses.  This is why the City of Belton offers two sewer billing options to our residential customers.

You may select which option works best for you when your water/sewer account is started.  If you decide to change your billing option for the sewer part of the bill you may do so.  We do require a signature and a new Sewer Billing Option form must be filled out and returned to City Hall by mail, email, fax or in person. Customers may change their billing option at any time. 

Volume Method
Customers who choose the volume method are charged for sewer based on their monthly water consumption (the actual amount of water used).  With this option your sewer bill will fluctuate each month as your water consumption fluctuates.  

Click here for sewer volume rates inside and outside of City limits 

Winter Average
Customers who choose the winter average method for the sewer part of the bill are charged a flat rate each month for the sewer.  This rate is determined each year based on the average amount of water that is used during the months of December, January and February (billed in January, February and March). This method of billing is typically beneficial for customers that use more water during the summer months than they do during the winter months, for example, they do a lot of outside watering or filling a swimming pool. 

  • New customers without an established average for these three months will be billed at the city's average of 4,000 gallons. 
  • Established customers will be billed using their personal average, starting on the May bill.  This average is recalculated each and every year in May and is based on the most recent winter months consumption.

Click here for sewer winter average rates inside and outside of City limits 

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