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Automatic Bank Drafting
Starting Automatic Bank Drafting
Save time, postage and checks by signing up for your water and sewer bill to be drafted every month on the due date, straight from your checking or savings account.  You will continue to receive a monthly billing statement in the mail that details your usage and charges. 

To enroll, simply fill out the Bank Draft Authorization form, attach a voided check or savings withdrawal slip and return it to Belton City Hall at 506 Main Street.
Please note that after your Bank Draft Authorization form is submitted, it will take one to two months for the ACH withdrawal to take effect.  The bank will pre-note your account the first month.  This is a "test run" for confirmation verification.  You will still need to manually pay this bill.  The next bill that you receive should be automated.  Please check your bill to ensure that the payment is being processed automatically by confirming that your bill states "Bank Draft - Do Not Pay".  When it states that, you may stop manually paying your bill.

Stopping Automatic Bank Drafting
If at any time you wish to stop your account from being drafted, or have closed your bank account, we will need written authorization. Fill out and return the Stop Bank Draft Authorization form. This must be submitted at least 15 days before the normal bill date. 

Please note that if you close your bank account without notifying us, a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee of $20.00 will be added to your account.  If you have not paid the bank draft amount plus the $20.00 fee within 24 hours of written notification from us, your account will incur an additional $35.00 service charge and your water service will be disconnected until payment is made.

Please contact us with any questions 816-331-4331. 

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