Target Industries



Historically strong in manufacturing, Missouri continues to attract companies in all facets of the industry.  Location is key. The state of Missouri is situated within a day’s drive of half of all U.S. manufacturers and offers a complete range of shipping options for domestic and international trade.  Low business energy costs, low corporate income taxes, and skilled workers mean Missouri business can expect exceptional productivity and high quality products.  Download Missouri Partnership’s Advanced Manufacturing(PDF, 4MB) industry brochure.



As a world leader in animal health and plan sciences, Missouri has become a principal contributor to the global bioscience industry.  The states’s nationally ranked universities and research centers provide the medical community with continuous advances in human health.  A stable business climate, paired with an accomplished science-based workforce, makes Missouri a top destination for bio companies from around the world.  Download Missouri Partnership’s bioscience industry brochures: Animal Health(PDF, 3MB)Biomedical(PDF, 2MB) or Plant Sciences(PDF, 3MB).

Financial and Professional Services

Missouri’s financial services sector has seen significant growth over the last decade.  In fact, Missouri ranks in the top 10 for employment gains in financial services over that span of time.   Located in the Central time zone, Missouri makes it easy to do business with both domestic and foreign-based companies in real time.  The historic presence of financial firms throughout the state ensure an established and qualified workforce.  Download Missouri Partnership’s Financial Services(PDF, 3MB) industry brochure.


Energy Solutions

Missouri is fortunate to be located in the U.S. wind corridor and also to share the photoboltaic resources of the American West.  Forests and farmland throughouth the state provide ample resources for biomass and alternative fuels.  Research and degree programs at Missouri universities are leading the way for these new energy solutions.  Download Missouri Partnership’s Energy Solutions industry brochures: Energy Storage(PDF, 864KB)Wind Industry(PDF, 5MB), or Solar Industry(PDF, 3MB).


Health Sciences and Services

Missouri is home to some of the most prestigious hospitals, medical schools and health service companies in the country.  Missouri is home to six medical schools. Established organizations such as the Missouri Technology Corporation support innovations in the health science sector to advance the health and well being of all. Download Missouri Partnership’s bioscience industry brochures: Animal Health(PDF, 3MB)Biomedical(PDF, 2MB) or Plant Sciences(PDF, 3MB).


Information Technology

Missouri’s IT firms benefit from low operating costs, turnkey telecommunications infrastructure, and efficient access to global data markets via 2,000 miles of fiber.  A treasure trove of talent, Missouri’s was recognized in 2013 for being among the top three states in the U.S. for tech job growth.  Download Missouri Partnership’s Data Center(PDF, 8MB) industry brochure.

Transportation & Logistics

Missouri is one of the top five states in the nation for transportation and logistics (CNBC). Proximity to market is only half of it. Ability to reach that market quickly and cheaply is critical to business success. Whether by rail, river, road or air, Missouri gets product to market faster, significantly lowering overall business costs.  Download Missouri Partnership’s Distribution Center(PDF, 6MB) industry brochure.