Oak Hill Redevelopment

December 27, 2022 - The City of Belton has purchased a 10.3-acre tract of land which was the former Oak Hill mobile home park, located on the east side of North Scott Avenue, near the 155th Street interchange.

The mobile home park had been for sale since 2017 when the owners, VLMC Joint Venture, first approached the city with the request to purchase the land. The city initially declined.  Since that request, the mobile home park owner had several contracts for sale dissolve due to significant floodplain issues.

After routine inspections in 2021, Belton’s public works department discovered that the sanitary sewer line running through the property had become exposed and repairs are necessary. Additionally, Belton’s code enforcement department posted eighteen mobile homes as dangerous structures that were determined to be uninhabitable. The mobile home park had fallen into disrepair.

Plans for the 10.3-acre tract are to remediate the floodplain, make the necessary repairs to the sanitary sewer line and redevelop the property.

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(as of December 27, 2022)

Acquisition $500,000
Phase 1 Study $4,000
Phase 2 Study $4,200
Total $508,200