Street Closure Request/ Block Party Request

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Would you like to have a block party or need to temporarily close a street? The instructions below and permit form will show you how to make this request. Be sure to apply at least 14 days in advance, although 21 days is best.

Request a Street Closure / Block Party

Step 1.Temporary Street Closure / Block Parties Requests

To use the public roadway for a block party or to temporarily close the street requires approval from the City Clerk or designee. Closures affecting businesses, traffic flow, safety, etc. may require City Council approval. Tents, bounce houses, petting zoos, pony rides, obstacle courses, etc. may require an additional Temporary Use Permit (TUP). 

All requests for street closures / block parties are required to be in writing on the form provided below. Requests should be submitted at least 14 days prior to the date of the event, but 21 days is best. 

Please fill out the form completely and legibly; please answer all the questions. Please be as detailed as possible with the streets you're requesting to close. Attaching a map is always a great idea! If the City Clerk has questions, she will contact you.

Email the completed form, and any additional information, to the City Clerk. You can also drop it off or mail it to City Hall, 506 Main St, Belton MO 64012.

Download the Street Closure / Block Party Request Form(PDF, 78KB)

Step 2.Await the City Clerk's response

Once the form is received, it will be sent to the Police Department, Fire Department, Street Department, & Engineering for approval. If the City Clerk has questions, she will contact you. You will be emailed the approved request.*

The Street Department will provide barricades, channelizers, etc. It is the responsibility of the applicant to place and remove the traffic control devices. The Street Department will pick them the following business day.

*Access through the street may be required for emergency vehicles. It is the responsibility of the applicant to abide by this. 

Questions? Please email