Building Department Permits

Permits can be emailed to Madison Smith or dropped off at 520 Main Street.

Commercial Building Permit Application(PDF, 81KB)

Commercial Permit Submission Information(PDF, 50KB)

Commercial Permit Packet - New Construction(PDF, 11MB)


Residential Building Permit Application(PDF, 21KB)Use for excavation, foundation, steel erection, plumbing, sewer/water, electrical, HVAC, insulation, sidewalk/driveway, & roofing projects

Residential Permit Packet - New Home Construction(PDF, 8MB)

Basement Finish(PDF, 113KB)

Decks(PDF, 7MB)

Demolition Information(PDF, 21KB)

Garage(PDF, 111KB)

Manufactured/Mobile Home Permit Application(PDF, 117KB)

PODS - Personal Storage Units(PDF, 209KB)

Residential Driveway Standards(PDF, 188KB)

Room Additions(PDF, 106KB)

Single-Family Dwelling(PDF, 106KB)

Solar Application and Checklist(PDF, 565KB)

Storage Sheds(PDF, 58KB)

Swimming Pools(PDF, 120KB)


Planning Department Permits

Permits can be emailed to Madison Smith or dropped off at 520 Main Street.

Sign Permit Application(PDF, 172KB) or Inflatable Sign Permit(PDF, 68KB)

Please include:

·      A drawing to scale of the sign, its support structure, and its wiring diagram (if illuminated), including sign dimensions, structural dimensions, and type of material

·      A plot plan of the proposed sign location, drawn to scale, for pole and monument-type signs including existing signs and structures along with the proposed sign. Please see our general guidelines for Temporary signs(PDF, 30KB).


Fence Permit Application(PDF, 58KB) Please attach a site plan showing fence details (material, height, etc.), location of the fence on the property, and property dimensions. Please see our Fence Guide(PDF, 185KB) for more information. 


Zone Change - Residential Application(PDF, 44KB)

Zone Change - Commercial Application(PDF, 44KB)

Preliminary Plat - Residential Application & Checklist(PDF, 98KB)

Final Plat - Residential Application & Checklist(PDF, 141KB)

Preliminary Plat - Commercial Application & Checklist(PDF, 209KB)

Final Plat - Commercial Application & Checklist(PDF, 141KB)


Additional Applications:

Request for Extension or Renewal of Expired Permit(PDF, 16KB)

Lot Split Application and Checklist(PDF, 98KB)

Preliminary Development Plan Application(PDF, 83KB)

Final Development Plan Application and Checklist(PDF, 177KB)

Temporary Use Permit Application(PDF, 111KB)

Variance Application(PDF, 105KB)

Special Use Permit Application(PDF, 41KB)

Conditional Use Permit Application(PDF, 84KB)

Zoning Verification Letter Request Form(PDF, 131KB)

Communication Tower Submittal Requirements(PDF, 95KB)


Public Works Department Permits

Permits can be emailed to Public Works Inspections or dropped off at 520 Main Street.

Land Disturbance Permit: less than 1 acre (PDF, 94KB)

Land Disturbance Permit: greater than 1 acre (PDF, 105KB) 

MoDNR Land Disturbance Permits


Public Improvement Permit(PDF, 494KB)

Public Improvement Bond(PDF, 58KB)


Temporary Traffic Control Permit(PDF, 272KB)Required for any work in the right-of-way and/or any other work that will impact traffic.


Right-of-Way Permit: Replacement of driveways, plumbing repairs, or installation of a sprinkler system in the right-of-way does require a right-of-way permit. Permits are required for all work within the right-of-way, including temporary traffic control, except as provided in Sec. 19-140 of the City ordinances. 

**Contractors must provide a certificate of insurance and a surety bond.

Permit for Work on City Right-of-way, City Easement, or City Property(PDF, 290KB)

Permit for Temporary Traffic Control(PDF, 279KB)

Annual Performance and Maintenance Bond - $50,000(PDF, 154KB)

Individual Performance and Maintenance Bond - $5,000(PDF, 154KB)


Water/Sewer Permits: The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) requires permitting for construction of new water and sanitary sewer lines.

Public Drinking Water Construction Permit Application

Sanitary Sewer Extension Construction Permit Application

For other forms, applications, and other documents, follow the link below to the MoDNR webpage.


Floodplain Permits: The City of Belton and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) require permits and certifications for any development in a floodplain.

City of Belton Floodplain Development Permit(PDF, 305KB)

SEMA "No-Rise" Certificate(PDF, 46KB)

FEMA Elevation Certificate

Quick Guide for Floodplain Management(PDF, 9MB)


Additional City Permits 

Permits can be emailed to the City Clerk or dropped off at 506 Main Street.

Event Permit Request(PDF, 81KB)An application for an event permit should be filed not less than 30 days before the date on which it is proposed to conduct the event.

Parade Permit Request(PDF, 45KB)An application for a parade permit should be filed at least 15 days, but no more than 40 days, before the date on which it is proposed to conduct the parade.


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