Mayor and City Council

Belton became a Charter City effective November 25, 2008. The City Council, elected by the citizens, performs the legislative duties of the city. The Mayor, also elected by the citizens, is a voting member of the City Council and retains veto power. The Mayor and Council set forth the policies of the City, which are implemented by the City Manager who carries out the day-to-day administrative duties for the city.
The Mayor is elected at-large for a four-year term. Two City Council members are elected from each of the four wards for staggered three-year terms. All city elections are non-partisan.

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Links to the agendas and minutes are posted as they become available. They are posted in accordance with RSMo 610.020 and in the City's efforts for improved communication and transparency. Meeting agendas are also posted at City Hall and on cable channel 2.

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Watch online videos of City Council meetings.