Planning Applications & Forms

Sign Permit Application

Please submit the following items with your Sign Permit Application(PDF, 172KB) or Inflatable Sign Permit(PDF, 68KB):

  • A drawing to scale of the sign, its support structure, and its wiring diagram (if illuminated)
    • Information on the drawing shall include sign dimensions, structural dimensions, and type of material
  • A plot plan of the proposed sign location, drawn to scale, for pole and monument-type signs
    • Information on this drawing shall include existing signs and structures along with the proposed sign

Please see our general guidelines for Temporary signs(PDF, 30KB)

Fence Permit Application

When submitting a Fence Permit Application(PDF, 58KB), please include a site plan showing fence details, location of the fence on the property, and property dimensions. Please see our Fence Guide(PDF, 185KB) for more information.  

Zone Change Application

To file for a zone change, please complete: 


Additional Applications & Submission Information:

Applications and supporting documents should be submitted to:
City Hall Annex
Attn: Planning Department
520 Main Street
Belton, Missouri 64012