Annual Budgets and Monthly Financial Reports

Annual Budgets and Monthly Financial Reports

The City of Belton's fiscal year is April 1 - March 31. 

Access annual budgets for the City of Belton's departments, programs, projects, and more.
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View the City of Belton's most recent monthly financial report.
Monthly Financial Report(PDF, 321KB)


Capital Improvement Program

Each year, the City of Belton prepares a Capital Improvement Plan which identifies capital projects and equipment purchases, provides a planning schedule, and identifies options for financing the plan.  This five-year CIP allows the city to identify the needs of the community and to prepare a long term funding strategy to meet those needs. It includes any projects that involve needed repairs or improvements to our existing infrastructure (streets, water, city facilities, sewers, etc.) and the acquisition or construction of new infrastructure.  CIP Program(PDF, 2MB)

Motel/Hotel Tax Reporting Form(PDF, 14KB)