Need a Sign in Belton? 

Use the links below to review what requirements your sign has to meet. If you're located in the North Scott Overlay District, there are additional requirements for signage.


Step 1 - Determine if Your Property is in an Overlay District

Find Out Here


Step 2 -  Review Corresponding Requirements

UDC Sign Requirements (if outside of overlay)

North Scott Corridor Sign Requirements(PDF, 28MB) (if within the N Scott Overlay, page 17)

Temporary Signs - Public Event(PDF, 30KB)

Temporary Signs - Private Event(PDF, 66KB)

Political Signs(PDF, 170KB)


Step 3 - Submit Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Application(PDF, 231KB)


Permit applications can be emailed to Jenna Fernandez or turned in at the City Hall Annex, 520 Main Street, Belton, MO 64012.




How many wall signs can I have?

The code allows for 3 wall signs.


Do I need a sign permit for a banner?

Yes, all temporary signs need a permit. This includes inflatable signs.


Can I put a yard sign in my yard without a permit?

Yes, real estate signs and political signs stay can be on personal property. All signs put in the right-of-way will be removed.