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If my vehicle is towed by the police department, what must I do to get it back?
If a police tow is ordered for your vehicle, it will be towed by Eckert Tow to their lot at 657 N. Scott Ave, Belton MO.

To reclaim the vehicle, the OWNER, no one else, must provide a current title or registration along with a photo ID must be provided to the tow company. If the owner is out of town or still in jail, they must fax a notarized statement to the tow company specifying the make and model of the vehicle and to whom they authorize to pick it up.

A tow fee of $65.00 and $30.00 a day storage fee will be due at the time of pickup and must be paid in CASH.

If there is a hold on the vehicle the hold must be removed by the police department before it can be picked up.

If you ID is in the vehicle, a tow company employee will retrieve you ID from the vehicle when another valid photo ID is provided. (driver's license, state ID, work/school ID, military etc)

For other questions contact Eckert Tow at 816.331.1550


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