How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

You can obtain a copy of a police report Monday - Friday (except holidays) during normal business hours. Please make sure you bring in $5 cash and your ID when picking up the report.

Where can I obtain a copy of my driving record?

Driving records can be obtained from any of the Department of Revenue's licensed bureau offices. One is located at Main Street and Walnut Street in Belton. Others in the area are located in Grandview and Harrisonville.  

How can I obtain my criminal background report?

The Belton Police Department only can conduct local record checks.If you are looking to have a local background check on yourself, you will need to bring your picture ID and $5 cash to the records clerk Monday - Friday (except holidays) during normal business hours. 

For a complete background check, an application must be submitted to the Missouri Highway Patrol. The application can be found online on the following website: State Back Ground Checks


What are the numbers for local TIPS hotline?

The Kansas City Metro area tip number is (816) 474-TIPS, or (816) 474-8477. The Belton Police Department's tip number is (816) 348-4444.


How do I get property back that the Belton Police Department recovered?

Call the Properties Clerk at 816-331-5522 to schedule a time to pick up your personal items. At the time of speaking with the clerk, they will inform you of what actions / paperwork that needs to be completed by you to prove ownership. Once the previous actions have been completed you will come in on the date you were scheduled and sign out your property with the Properties Clerk. 


If my vehicle is towed by the police department, what must I do to get it back?

If a police tow is ordered for your vehicle, it will be towed by Eckert Tow to their lot at 657 N. Scott Ave, Belton MO.

Tow fees are between Eckert and the owner of the vehicle. If there is a hold on the vehicle the hold must be removed by the police department before it can be picked up.

To reclaim the vehicle, the OWNER, no one else, must provide a current title or registration along with a photo ID must be provided to the tow company. If the owner is out of town or still in jail, they must fax a notarized statement to the tow company specifying the make and model of the vehicle and to whom they authorize to pick it up.

For other questions contact Eckert Tow at 816-331-1550 

If I need to get finger prints done, how do I go about doing so?

The Belton Police Department is able to fingerprints for employment, school, professional licensing or professional exams. Individuals will need to come to the records department located in the Belton Police Department.


Fee $5 cash only for the first pair. Additional cards are $10 a pair.
Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (unless it’s a holiday)

8:30 to 11:30 then from 2:30 to 4:00

Items to bring

Picture ID

Finger print cards (if you have them)