Quick Links for City Business

Below is a list of common city services. Visitors are encouraged to use online and mail applications and payments, when applicable.  Walk-in visitors are also welcome. Download Quick Links handout here(PDF, 129KB).

To apply for or renew a business license or liquor license click here On this page you'll find links to our business license applications and liquor license applications. Applications are fillable PDFs. They can be downloaded and emailed or printed. Please submit all license applications and required documentation to the Deputy City Clerk via email (dgreener@belton.org) or mail (506 Main St, Belton MO 64012). Payment can be made by cash, check, or online (2.45% processing fee). Questions about licensing? Please contact the Deputy City Clerk at 816-331-4331 or dgreener@belton.org.

To apply for a building permit click here. On this page you'll find links to our residential and commercial permit applications. Please note, permit fees are primarily based on the value of work and will vary with every project. Also, check out our building permit guidelines to help you determine if you need a building permit for your project. For questions regarding building permits, please call 816-331-4331.

To make a utility payment click here.

To sign up for new water and/or trash service click here.

To request a utility payment extension click here.

To request an additional trash cart click here

To request extra trash bag stickers click here