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Infrastructure Improvements to 155th St. Interchange & Street

To accommodate future growth in residential population as well as increased traffic from the backside of Centerpoint Intermodal and I–49, the 155
th St. interchange will be reconstructed by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT); completion is expected by the end of 2017.  Significant reconstruction of 155th Street is planned to complement MoDOT’s interchange replacement.  155th St. will be widened to the east with costs shared between Belton and Grandview and widened to the west with costs shared between KCMO and the Port Authority.  This project will revamp this important gateway into our City.

MoDOT 155th St. Interchange Project 


North Scott Corridor Revitalization

The North Scott corridor is vital to Belton’s growth.  With its connection to I-49 via the future 155th St. interchange, and eventually to an all new Markey Parkway, this area has the potential to be a significant area of growth in our City.  Though it will take years of careful planning, coordination, communication and public participation, North Scott is a prime target for redevelopment and revitalization efforts.  The City has contracted with Confluence, a landscape architecture, planning and urban design consultant, to update the City’s plan for the North Scott Corridor.  These consultants are evaluating both previous and existing conditions, trends, desirable goals and overall objectives.  Citizen involvement is a vital component in this process and the City has hosted several public meetings to receive input.  Meeting information is below.

First Advisory Committee Meeting

First Public Input Meeting

Second Advisory Committee Meeting

North Scott Corridor Plan - Final

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