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Tax Information
County Tax Rates                                                 State of Missouri State of Missouri Tax Information
2014 Cass County tax Levies
Total Belton Tax Levy for 2014
Taxing Entity  Amount
Cass County Sheltered Workshop $0.0500
City $1.9182
County  $0.0000
Hospital  $0.1360
Junior College  $0.2374
Library  $0.1500
Mt. Pleasant Special Road   $0.2000
School District  $5.4552
State  $0.0300
Total Tax Levy per $100 Assessed Valuation $8.1768
Sur-Tax (Industrial / Commercial Only) $0.5400
Total Tax Levy Per $100 Assessed Valuation (plus sur-tax) $8.7168

Please note: Residential Property is assessed at approximately 19% of actual value.  Business property is assessed at approximately 32% of actual value.

Total Belton Sales Tax for 2014
Taxing Entity  Amount
City 2.00%
City Fire 0.25%
City Transportation 0.50%
County  1.75%
State 4.225%
Total Sales Tax 8.725%

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