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Public Works Committee
Regularly scheduled meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, and November of each year at the City Hall Annex, 520 Main St., Belton, MO.

  • Steve Bennett
  • Kevin Fox
  • Randy Hendricks
  • Chris Stewart

Public Works Committee Purpose
  1. The PWC shall serve as the forum for policy and process development within the Public Works (PW) planning process as it relates to present and future systems associated with water, sewer, storm, and transportation.
  2. The PWC shall foster and encourage development of an improved Public Works organization and the services it offers, and may make subsequent recommendations to City staff and the Council regarding these improvements.
  3. The PWC shall, with the assistance of staff, hear and address citizen issues where city ordinances, policies, process and procedures may not provide clear guidance.

Public Works Committee Role
Each member will be appointed by the Mayor and serve according to the adopted bylaws.  This public body is a citizen advisory committee to the Mayor and City Council.  It is not intended to replace the authority of the Mayor or City Council.  There is no rule making or legislative authority associated with this committee. 

Each member is encouraged to be prepared to provide constructive input on sometimes complex and difficult issues, and to collaborate with staff to develop sound solutions. New initiatives may arise from suggestions made by members; services may be enhanced as a result of input received by the public either through a member or other means, but the enhancement may be developed through this committee.  Council may request input on particular issues from this committee to aid them in developing a solution or setting policy.

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