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Child Passenger Safety Week Law Enforcement campaign

Missouri law requires all children under the age of eight to be in an appropriate child safety seat unless they are 80 lbs. or 4’9” tall.

           Belton Police announced today they are joining with law enforcement September 18-24 for an aggressive Child Passenger Safety Week Law Enforcement campaign to crack down on Missouri’s child safety seat law violators and to reduce highway fatalities and injuries to children.

Car Crashes are the number one killer of kids. Nearly 73 percent of all child restraints are not used correctly. Is your child safe?

Chief of Police James person said regular child safety seat and safety belt use is the single most effective way to protect people and reduce fatalities in motor vehicle crashes.

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Emergenccy Notification System

Cass County Emergency Notification system is a free service provided by the Cass County Emergency Services Board through Everbridge.  This service alerts our citizens of severe weather events, environmental or man-made disasters, search and rescue operations, and major crime incidents in their immediate area.  Citizens will be notified of such emergencies via a recorded message on their landline, wireless phone, text message, or email.  The messages will only be sent by an authorized 9-1-1 Dispatcher.  We recommend all citizens enroll individually to ensure notifications are received on each device correctly.  For example, a family of four will create four accounts - one for each member who wants to receive notifications.

Cass County Emergency Notification System is transitioning from the current system CodeRED to Everbridge effective immediately.  If you have signed up for weather notifications through CodeRED, you will need to sign up with Everbridge to continue your weather notifications.  Everbridge enrollment is open now.  There are two ways you can sign up for notifications.  You can set up an account on our website at or call Robin Tieman at 816-887-1953, if you do not have internet connectivity.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Emergency Notification System?

This service allows you to opt-in to receive notifications via phone calls, text messaging, email and more based on locations you care about. You can choose to receive notifications about events that may affect your home, workplace, family's schools and more. 

When will it be used?

This system will be used to notify you about imminent threats to health and safety as well as informational notifications that affect your locations or work environments. Administrators will send notifications regarding severe weather, flooding, gas leaks, police activity and more. 

Will I still get emergency notifications if I don't sign up?

If you have a landline phone, you will receive notifications.  If you only have a cell phone you will not receive notifications unless you create a username and password and select the notifications you want to receive.  

What if my phone number or email address changes?

The system is only as good as the information you provide. If your contact information changes, you can always visit your profile and update your information or contact the system administrator Robin Tieman at 816-887-1953. 

Will my contact information be shared with others?

No. The information that you provide will be used only for this Organization for notification purposes. We will not give or sell your contact or location information to any vendor or other organization.

Why does each family member need their own account?

Each family member needs their own account, selecting which notifications to receive, because once the system contacts one phone, text, or email, the system does not continue to contact all methods.  If an individual puts their cell phone, home phone, and work email as the preferred method of delivery, once the system contacts the cell phone with the message it does not contact the home phone or email.  It only contacts each method if there is no answer or acknowledgement.   

Crime Data

The police departments crime and incident data is now being sent to the city's GIS system and can be viewed at the following location (link). 

Belton's GIS System
Internet Explorer or other compatible Silverlight browser must be used. Once the disclaimer is accepted, the application will load.  In the left pane, the police layers are located under the data section.  All layers may be loaded (longer loading times) or specific ones may be chosen.  A base map may also be chosen from the bottom of the left pane.  To search for incidents for a date range, right click on one of the types of crime and use the advanced filter.

Inquires about additional functionality of the GIS system should be directed to Ryan Vaughn at Belton City Hall.

Social Networking Media Response Policy

Currently the Belton Police Department does not regularly monitor Social Networking Media such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube nor does the department normally respond to calls for service sent via email. If police services are needed, call 911 in case of an emergency or 816.331.1500 for non-emergency related calls. There should be no expectation of police response to requests sent by any Social Networking Media





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